PLEASE NOTE - A week is two practices

1st week: Skating Development 3 touches, focusing on basic skating and evaluating skaters needs (Full ice).
2nd week: Passing Development 3 touches, working on stationary and moving passing (Full ice)
3rd week: Stick Handling 2 touches, stationary and moving (Full ice) – Games start on weekend
4th week: Skating Repeat Group focus and working with coaches to be able to run stations.
5th week: Passing Repeat Group focus and working with coaches to be able to run stations.
6th week: Stick Handling Repeat Group focus and working with coaches to be able to run stations.
7th week: Small Area Games Focusing on small area games and details of the skills needed for them.
8th week: Skating Development A continuation of skating development focusing on speed and details needed to development skill set (Full ice).
9th week: Passing Development A continuation of passing development focusing on speed, accuracy, types of passing and details needed to develop skill set (Full ice).
10th week: Stick Handling A continuation of stick handling development focusing on speed, control and details needed to develop skill set (Full ice).
11th week: Skating Repeat Focusing on speed, control, and agility.
12th week: Passing Repeat Focusing on placement, accuracy, and different types of passing.
13th week: Stick Handling Repeat Focusing on puck control in traffic, deking and deception.
14th week: Small Area Games Focusing on small area/game and details.
15th week: Hockey Play Concepts
16th week: Hockey Play Concepts


Joey Olson - COUNTRY Financial Coach Gierhart
O'Brien Jim Maloof Realtor - Coach O'Brien
Paluska Plumbing - Coach Paluska
Advanced Technology Services (ATS) - Coach Martin



  1. Show up to practice/ games 20 minutes before ice slot ready to go with a good positive attitude.
  2. Be respectful to coaches and players.
  3. Have great body language


  1. Make sure players are on time and ready for games and practices.
  2. Be respectful to coaching staff and others. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please ask
    them in a respectful manner. Observe the 24-hour rule.
  3. Let the kids enjoy the game of hockey, there will be good days and bad for each kid on the ice. At the end of the day, we want to enjoy stepping on the ice and enjoying the game they love.


  1. Show up to practice 20 minutes before start time ready to go over practice plans and be ready to set up stations if needed.
  2. Be ready to be involved in the practice and be willing to help players development.
  3. Be ready to work with players on the details we are working on in practice (Be ready to repeat a concept or a drill 100 times or more if needed.)
  4. Positive Attitude.


  1. Show up on time to every practice prepared.
  2. Create a positive atmosphere for kids on the ice.
  3. See the development of the kids, coaches and myself as the year goes on.