Fundraising & Donations for PYHA


Fundraising is the act of raising money by selling, working or contributing to raising money.  There are three pillars of PYHA fundraising; Organization, Player and Team.  PYHA Booster Club is a group of parent/guardian volunteers to help manage, coordinate and execute fundraisers.

  1. PYHA Organizational Fundraisers: Purpose is to raise funds to directly benefit the PYHA organization.  Money is deposited into the PYHA general fund and used to support PYHA activities and events.
    • PYHA Board members/committee manage, oversee and execute “PYHA Organizational” fundraisers.
    • Funds go to support organizational costs such as administrative fees, league fees, on-ice equipment purchases and rink rental fees.
    • Example events: golf outing, Ace of Spades, season banquet, silent auctions, restaurant nights proceeds.
  2. Player Fundraisers:Purpose is to raise funds to directly benefit a players account to lower the out of pocket cost of playing hockey at PYHA.  Player participation is voluntarily.
    • PYHA Booster Club manages, oversees and executes player fundraisers.
    • All PYHA members, house & travel, can participate in offered fundraisers.
    • Funds raised by individual player will be credited directly to the players PYHA account.
    • A reimbursement check will be sent to the parent/guardian of each player in the dollar amount earned. Reimbursement Dates: December 15th, March 15th, June 15th
    • In the event a player portion of fund raising is greater than amount due, those funds will be donated to PYHA general fund.
    • Example fundraisers: selling donuts, holiday wreaths, cookies, work an event
  3. Team Fundraisers:Purpose is to raise funds to directly benefit the individual team.
    • Team manager will manage, oversee and execute team fundraisers.
    • All funds raised will be deposited to PYHA and distributed per coach direction.
      • PYHA will write check for specific event funds were raised for – team pizza party, t-shirts, extra tournament
      • Funds will be evenly distributed to each player on the team, regardless of participation, and credited to each players individual PYHA account
        • A check will be cut to the parent/guardian of each player in the dollar amount earned.
        • Payouts: December 15th, March 15th, June 15th
    • Example fundraisers: bagging groceries, car wash, team sponsors
  4. PYHA Booster Club:Group of parent/guardian volunteers who manage, oversea and execute various fundraising opportunities throughout the year.
    • Report to the PYHA Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
    • Provide PYHA players/families opportunities to participate, sell, work to earn funds via multiple fundraising events.
    • Open to house and travel parents/guardians to participate in the PYHA Booster Club.
    • Communicate fund raising opportunities via email & social media.
    • Coordinate the fundraising event, pick-up/drop-off of goods sold for members who participated in the fundraiser.
    • Track & Report funds earned per player to PYHA treasurer within in 1 week of the conclusion of each fundraiser.
    • Treasurer will provide Financial Statement with funds earned per player and make appropriate payouts.


Do you work for company with a donation match program? Local companies like Caterpillar, State Farm, Maui Jim, match 1:1 gifts  as PYHA is an approved 501 (c)3 organization.

How it Works...   Donation is made to PYHA.  Employee submits company issued form to apply for the company match program.  PYHA treasurer will verify donations against our records. Once matched funds are received, they are added to PYHA general fund to support youth hockey in Peoria.



  1. Visit and click the “Donor Request a Match”
  2. Log in (or register as first time user).
  3. Select "Matching Gifts Program"
  4. Search for "Peoria Youth Hockey Association"
  5. Complete the donation detail info, designation can be "Peoria Youth Hockey Association"
  6. "Save and Proceed", then review and "Submit"
  7. Select Email Notification to Nonprofit and use for verification.

Thank you so much for your generous donations to PYHA!