PYHA Board Members & Committees

Board Members

Andy BabcockPresidentElected
Kelly JuergensVice President & CoordinationAppointed by the President
Julie WaldschmidtVice President, House HockeyAppointed by the President
Jeff PetersonVice President, Travel HockeyAppointed by the President
Layne MartinVice President, Mini MitesAppointed by the President
Adam GierhartRegistrarAppointed by the President
Danielle LippensSecretaryAppointed by the President
Stephanie PetriTreasurerAppointed by the President
Jean Guy TrudelTravel Hockey DirectorElected by the Board
Alex HagamanHouse Hockey DirectorElected by the Board
Jennifer LafranceBoard MemberRe-Election 2025
Tim YoungBoard MemberRe-Election 2025
Derek BrownBoard MemberRe-Election 2025
Kameran ValasquezBoard MemberRe-Election 2025
Denise TeaneyBoard MemberRe-Election 2026
Jared AndrewsBoard MemberRe-Election 2026
Corey DolanBoard MemberRe-Election 2026
Rob SchachtBoard MemberRe-Election 2026
Nick GrayBoard MemberRe-Election 2027
Jillian SmallenbergerBoard MemberRe-Election 2027
Bryce GrayBoard MemberRe-Election 2027
Ryan KlusendorfBoard MemberRe-Election 2027


CoordinationKelly Juergens
Fundraising & EventsJared Andrews
Community RelationsOpen
CommunicationsJennifer Lefrance & Adam Gierhart
EquipmentNick Gray
Rules & EthicsTim Young
SuspensionsCorey Dolan
MarketingAdam Gierhart
FinanceStephanie Petri & Denise Teaney
ConcussionsRob Schacht
Player RecognitionDerek Brown
Player DevelopmentJean Guy Trudel