Code of Conduct & Zero Tolerance Policy


Peoria Youth Hockey Association (PYHA) will not tolerate discrimination, bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or physical abuse to any member of PYHA or by any member of the PYHA organization.


Display good sportsmanship. Respect all players, coaches, officials, and spectators. Applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat; reinforce the positive points of the game.

Players are expected to be good teammates, both on and off the ice. Encourage team effort and appreciate individual skills players on and off ice. Players are to arrive with all equipment and time to get dressed to participate at scheduled time.

Social Media posts should remain positive, respectful and supportive as it pertains to PYHA, players, teams, coaches, competitor organization and youth hockey. Refrain from negative or derogatory natured posts.

Possession of or being under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarette, or vaping is strictly prohibited by PYHA Players.

Communicate with and support coaches, assistant coaches and team managers. Do not confront a coach, player or an official as they are entering or leaving the ice.

Abide by the 24 hour rule; wait at least 24 hours after a game or practice to approach a coach about playing time, concerns, issues or complaints.

Absolutely, under no circumstance, should an adult confront, speak to, challenge, verbally abuse or touch a youth hockey player, irrespective of whether such a player is an opponent or teammate on or off the ice.

Behavior including but not limited to yelling, cursing, or screaming toward an official, PYHA player, coach, parent or opposing team player, coach, parent, while on-ice or off-ice, during a practice or game will not be tolerated.

Physical assault or to threaten physical assault toward an official, PYHA player, coach, parent or opposing team player, coach, parent, while on-ice or off-ice, during a practice or game will not be tolerated.

Adults being under the influence of illegal drugs or excessive use of alcohol/intoxication while attending a PYHA game, practice or event will not be tolerated.

If asked by an official to leave the rink, one must abide by the request and leave immediately.

While traveling on behalf of PYHA to attend tournaments/jamborees. Respect the tournament rules and on-ice officials. No vandalism or destruction of property at host hotels, restaurants or ice rink facilities.

Possession of a weapon including illegal knives, firearms (BB/pellet/bullet), electronic weapons (taser/stun gun), weapons, fireworks or ammunition is prohibited by PYHA players, parents & spectators.

Cell phones, cameras or recording devices are not permitted in the locker room.

A coach, locker room attendant or team manager can obtain the keys. One must be present in the locker room or outside the locker room door when 2 or more players are present. This includes before and after all team practices, skill skates and games, both home and away.

Parents should not be in the locker room at any time without a team official present. Younger players who need help with equipment can have parent/guardian assistance with coach permission.

Follow Owen’s Center Ice Rink rules and visiting ice rink rules while on the road for games, tournaments and jamborees.

Scorer’s Box or Penalty Box volunteers are considered off-ice officials. There is to be no cheering, yelling or coaching during a game. Remain neutral at all times. No one under 18 yrs of age is permitted in the scorer’s box or the penalty box.

No one under 18 yrs of age is permitted on the bench without a helmet.

* Failure to abide by PYHA Zero Tolerance Policy or Code of Conduct may result in the suspension of the privilege of attending games or other appropriate consequences. *