Become a Referee


New officials must be 14 years old by August 1, to register with Illinois Hockey Officials Association (IHOA).

Details for registration can be found at:

Illinois Hockey Officials Association (IHOA)

Registration is online and begins August 1.  All individuals must register with IHOA for a clinic and then register with USA Hockey as a referee.  All individuals must attend a seminar every year in order to be eligible to referee.  If you have turned 18, you need to be screened.  Please go to the IHOA website to request a screening packet.

Details for the next Referee clinic and seminar are posted above and can also be found at:

If you have any additional questions on registration, please contact Brian Deschepper at

Notice:  All referees need to check the "Rules for Referees" below for further information on our referee system and rules.


All games, except maybe tournaments, will be posted on the website for all to view. Individuals can click on whatever games you want to request, but the system will only let you sign up for games that meet your correct level.

The process the system follows is:

The system will send Brian Deschepper an email to notify her of a game you have requested.
Brian checks to see how many requests are outstanding for each game.
Brian then assigns a referee to a game.
The system will then send an email confirming or denying your request. Please be assured that Brian will be tracking games so that everyone is referring and games are distributed semi-equally throughout the season.
NOTE: Just because you choose a game does NOT mean you automatically will referee that game.


  1. Go to the above website and register. All individuals will need their USA Hockey (USAH) number.
  2. Fill in your name, number and click request password.
  3. Your password will be sent to your email address (this process could take up to one (1) week).
  4. Once you have your password you can then enter the site.
  5. On the site, go to rink selection. You now have access to all rinks in Illinois that use online scheduling.
  6. Our rink is listed as Peoria NOT Owens Center.
  7. This may change and be seen as Peoria Owens Center rink 1 or rink 2.
  8. Go to search for game and follow the instructions.

Check the website often as games will be added periodically.

Please note the following information for FIRST YEAR referees:

  1. First year referees should not plan on more than two (2) or three (3) games a weekend.
  2. Mite House games will be assigned to start along with a mentor.
  3. Please do not request travel games in the beginning.
  4. First year referees will not be allowed to referee during the Early Bird or Snowball tournaments.

Please make sure you know the "Rules for Referees" which is a link at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions or problems, please contact: Brian Deschepper at or 217-781-4648