End of Year Banquet – Thursday, March 7

End of Year Banquet – Thursday, March 7


$10 per person for the meal (pizza, cookie, drink)
$40 per family (immediate family only) for the meal (pizza, cookie, drinks)

$10 per player for the on-ice skills competition

On-Ice Skills Competition: 5:45-7:45 (Rink 1)
Open Skate: 6:30-8:00 (Rink 2)

5:00-5:30 Check-In
5:30-7:00 Food
5:45 On-Ice Skills Competition Begins
6:30 Sponsors Announced
6:30 PYHA Awards
6:30 Board Election Voting Starts
6:30 Open Skate Starts
7:30 Board Voting Closes
7:45 On-Ice Skills Competition Ends
8:00 New Board Members Announced
8:00 Skills Competition Winners Announced

Nominations for the following end of year awards are needed. Please send your nominations to Derek at dbrown@pyha.org by February 29.

  • Outstanding Coach/Ref
  • Best Team Manager
  • Top House Coach

All awards that will be given out at the End of Year Banquet on Thursday, March 7 can be viewed at: https://pyha.org/memorial-awards/

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